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We offer counselling on how to achieve peace in the outer world to politicians, companies / corporate leaders and individuals. You may also contact us, if you feel we might be able to contribute to helping you to become more peaceful and happy yourself. Our background is rooted in deep studies of peace both spiritually and wordly on an academic level, especially under the perspective of human dignity and human rights as well as justice on the one hand side, and of the essence of what a human is and the soul on the other side.

For more information on either of these possibilities, please see here, and feel free to drop as an e-mail a letter or a call anytime.

Recommended Reading

• Legal and State Level

Dr. iur. André Marhaun, Menschenwürde und Völkerrecht. Mensch, Gerechtigkeit und Frieden. Tübingen: Medien Verlag Köhler 2001.

• Corporate Level

• Psychological / Spiritual Level

Please see here or access our even more extensive German list (currently on request).